I Keep Quiet


I Keep Quiet

flower-729515_640Well, today has not been a very good.

I am stressed and feel very overwhelmed. I really needed to get a lot off my chest but like always I got brushed off after a couple minutes.

I am quiet because I have not one at home to listen! Why I don't open up. I feel like I don't matter. Sorry  this couldn't have been a happier post.

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Tammy... I feel exactly the same way. I just left my mother's house and I was very quiet most of the time that I was with her. I did have somewhat of a conversation with her.. but was more quiet. I pondered about that when I got home. Her other two daughters, who rarely show up, are the queens and I am the witch. I feel like I don't matter either. If I walked out of here...then they would notice me then, wouldn't they. \n\nSo... my post isn't real happy either.. and here I have been trying to be a more positive person!


This is why I'm here myself. Because I have no one here to listen willingly when I really need to unload. I have found this to be a very safe, welcoming place full of kind people who actually understand. So please feel free to say whatever is on your mind. We care.


Thanks for the advice.


I am so sorry for the tough day.\r\n\r\nPlease know you can tell us. :) We always have a ready ear to listen to anything you need to say.