I Knew Thanksgiving Would be Different This Year


I Knew Thanksgiving Would be Different This Year

soup-257521_640But not this different! With our parents all now gone, this Thanksgiving was going to be very different for hubby and I. Our daughter’s boyfriend is the turkey master in his family. He will be frying two turkeys at his mother’s house. His sisters and brothers will be there with the grandchildren and his mom has invited Kate’s brother and us to join them. As two only children whose childhood Thanksgivings consisted of a maximum of five, maybe seven people, hubby and I were anticipating being way, way out of our comfort zones!

Alas, it was not to be. Our comfort zones still safely intact, we are sitting together anticipating soup and sandwiches or leftover chicken pot pie thanks to a massive upper respiratory infection I got over a week ago and promptly shared with hubby. Wow, Thanksgiving is now reduced to two!

Last night we were watching Blue Bloods, having recently discovered it (years later than the normal viewing public, as usual). We were both struck by the family meal of four generations. We reflected that if we came back to this life again, we would want to have brothers and sisters. I think we were both feeling lonely. Even though we are only in our late 60’s and have two of the most wonderful children we could imagine, we do not have any brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces or grandchildren to fill the family table. I think we were imagining what it might be like to be part of a big family.

We are so thankful for each other, for our children and our relatively good health. We have enjoyed this last year to ourselves since Mom passed away. But I think the time has come for us to look toward the future. What will be important to us? What will be meaningful? What will we be doing next Thanksgiving? What in our lives will we be thankful for? Only time will tell.

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Thank you all for your great and understanding comments_mysql. The kids came today and prepared turkey soup in my crock pot, baked a mince pie, brought lots of left overs from turkey day and also brought a pumpkin pie. Cooking will not be an issue to a few days. I'm sure we will figure out the holidays as all families do. We have been blessed to have our single adult children share them with us exclusively for over 10 years, way longer than most families. So it is to be expected that soon they would find families of their own to start traditions with. But they have started their own (brother and sister) traditions that do include us. Most memorably the Christmas Eve video watching, appetizer eating, falling asleep on the floor or couch tradition that, as I was just informed, will continue this year. So, new things are starting and some traditions continuing.


Hi TDM--I hope Hubby is feeling better today.\r\n\r\nWould you be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with the kids on another day? I think we can set the dates for our holidays based on what works best for us. \r\n\r\nI hope you'll keep us posted on the new traditions you create. It helps all of us to reassess what we do and make sure it's what we want to continue doing.


I completely understand your introspection. It sounds like you and your husband are on the journey together, and share similar family stories. I hope you both enjoy good health this year as you explore all there is out there, waiting for you.


I have been thinking about this, too. I am thinking \"Friendsgiving\" was made for people like us. I am thinking about doing that in the future--a get-together for others like us with smallish or distant families. I was at a table with 12 other people today, but that is not always the case at the holidays. Yet I like the feeling of a bigger group coming together to celebrate at those times.


I've thought about this a little, wondering what we'll do if we ever have a holiday just with the two of us. My mother-in-law was of the opinion that the more, the merrier and you could never have too many people - only not enough food, if you weren't careful. She had been a dietician in the army. She could feed any group.\r\nI have a friend who spent today alone. She's several states away from us, so inviting her wasn't an option. She told me she was going to make a real Thanksgiving dinner, albeit a small one, because she needed to still mark the holidays.