I Miss My REAL Husband


I Miss My REAL Husband

So...there are many days my husband seems very "with it" and can carry on conversations very well and does a good job of using his cane and staying upright on his feet.

Then there are days like today.

He fell asleep where ever he sat down and just seemed kind of out of it. We went to the grocery store and he wandered around slowly with his wide based gait, mouth hanging open and eyes glazed over. He became fixated on a large interesting looking piece of fruit and I just had to wait for him for about five minutes. He seemed weird, lost and aimless.

In the bulk food section he couldn't remember how to pull the lever and get the cashews into the plastic bag. He watched me, then he reached up and pulled the lever and they spilled into the tray and onto the floor. Then he grabbed a handful out of the tray and started eating them. I told him it was inappropriate but it didn't phase him. Needless to say I was very embarrassed!

He found a squeaky toy he wanted to buy for the dog, which was fine, but by the time he picked one out I had moved to the next isle. So then he started calling my name and squeaking the toy! I ran to him so he would stop.

It was a very stressful trip to the store. It's the most foreign thing to see him act like this, I just can't get used to it. It seems to happen sometimes when I take him in big stores with lots of people milling about. He is so different then he used to be.

I miss my real husband.  I'm taking care of this nice weird little guy and I've had to let go of the husband I married.

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Oh Rock, sry u are going thu this......it isnt easy . I understand your frustration, embarrassment of sorts...\r\n& who is this?...miss the man ive known all these years!\r\nglad u are sharing your anguish with us.\r\n.....hugs


What a powerful post. The impermanence of this world and who we are in it is un-nerving sometimes. A few brain synapses get un done and poof we are someone totally different in a blink of an eye.