I Need Advice/Opinions!


I Need Advice/Opinions!

question-mark-460869_640My mother died in April of 2014.  My father died this past April.  My husband and I are living (temporarily) in their home while we go through the job of cleaning it out.

I know that I, along with others, have written about the struggle of deciding what to do with "stuff."  Some of the decisions have been easy, others.....not so much. Here is my current struggle: My mother was a wildlife photographer. She was very organized. There are TEN large file drawers of her slides, hanging in plastic slide holders. My husband and I will be moving when our work here is done. What do I do with those slides?! My siblings say I should just "get rid of them."cI'm finding that I just can't do that. Those slides are the culmination of thirty years of work. Of traveling to every continent (Antarctica four times!). My husband and I have decided to box them up and take them with us.

What would you do?

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Take them with you, then when you can, upload them at leasure, maybe to a nature photography site where people have have an interest and her life's work can be enjoyed? Possibly a school or nature museum could use them? After uploading, even a thrift store....my husband likes to buy stuff like that. Make sure her name remains attached...because people who are into photography will like to know the name. My art teacher sells his fathers work (his dad was famous) so keep the best ones!!!


My husband's cousin came upon a well preserved cache of black and white photos that his father had taken of the aftermath of the Hurricane of 1938 in Rhode Island. He had been hired to document the extraordinary damage. His son didn't know what to do with this treasure, but my husband did. He donated them to Providence College, which promised to store them in a special climate controlled room and ensure that if they were ever used, they would be credited to the proper source. Before he donated the photos my husband scanned them all so the family would have a digital copy of his work.


A local high school, community college, or museum might be grateful for these.


My uncle is a professional Wildlife Photographer who does seminars with Canon. If you have Facebook, you can contact him and ask him that question directly. His name is George Lepp. If you don't have Facebook, please let me know and I will contact him for you. Describing the slides and possibly the camera used may be some questions he might ask you to determine how you might move forward with those treasures!


I think box / hold is the right decision for now... You can always discard later, but if you do it too early...... Just my 2 cents. Perhaps you could make a print or two of the most beautiful as a tribute to your Mother. I am sure there are some incredible photos.