I Won't Be Home For Christmas...


I Won't Be Home For Christmas...

Dad's Christmas 2014 Dad's Christmas 2014

I was so sure that I would return to Dad's house for the holidays that I left all my winter coats in one of his bedroom closets. But, life took a turn for the worse this past month. My last client finished up a job without warning me, and -- with no prospects for me during the holiday season -- my husband had to get out and find a job. He's about to take the test for a license to drive a school bus, so that cuts into the time we were going to spend with Dad, plus the money situation just didn't work out.

I'm very proud of my husband getting out to get work, especially since he's essentially "retired." But, we have to do what we have to do, including asking family members for cash to tide us over. That's why we didn't go hog wild buying presents for Dad for Christmas...I didn't want him to think we were using his loan for his gifts. Instead, my daughter and I went to Kroger and purchased a few things we thought would make him happy (and give him a laugh or two):

  • One box of Ghirardelli Chocolate SUPREME brownie mix. This box alone probably pumped the postage by $5, because it was heavy; but, dad's into cake mixes now, and he loves chocolate and he loves brownies. If he wants frosting, well...he's on his own.

  • One package of Martha White Blueberry Cheesecake Muffin Mix, because it's better for him than cake.

  • One box of Stain Away, because he loves that product for his dentures, but it's difficult to find where he lives.

  • One box of Cella's Chocolate Covered Cherries. He's a chocolate-covered cherry freak, and Cella's is his preferred brand.

  • One set of kitchen scissors. I noticed when I was with Dad the last time that he used the paper scissors for kitchen things...and medical scissors for paper things, and so on. These two pair are red, so I'm sure I'll be able to find them no matter where he puts them in the house.

  • One $20 card for Captain D's. Dad's not allowed to eat fried foods, really, but we know he sneaks out once a month to Captain D's after church. This card should buy him four to five senior meals.

I wish I had taken a photo of the card my daughter made for Dad. She drew and painted a picture of a rainbow trout with a Santa hat on contemplating a hook that held a wrapped present. It was beautiful.

My brother also informed me that he's sending Dad some food, but he didn't say what he was sending. I think food is a great idea, since Dad is trying to downsize and -- except for the scissors -- everything we sent was a consumable product. He'll go through all this "stuff" in a month.

And, I hope he knows that I wish I could be there with him. He's being very brave. He said he may even go fishing on Christmas Day if the weather is right.

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