Five Days of Comfort: Ice


Five Days of Comfort: Ice

iceland-8383_640It's like a dreaded four-letter word melted into three -- ice.

You worry a caree will slip on ice and suffer what can't be suffered -- a break, an injury.

You worry that you'll hit a patch of ice which will put you out of commission. And, you can't be laid up. You just can't.

You can feel like you walk on thin ice, unsure of what's coming next, fretting you'll upset the delicate balance you try so hard to keep.

In caregiving, you can feel like you must to learn to walk on ice.

So, throw on the heavy boots with bottoms that make waffle marks in the snow, break out the ice grip walking stick. Maybe you've got to walk on ice but you don't need take the journey without the proper supplies.

You've got to make it through caregiving but you don't need live the experience without the proper support. Take us with you.

We'll take your hand as you walk across the ice.

When do you feel you're walking on thin ice?

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Congrats to <a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\">@frogger16</a> who won our daily comfort pack. Thanks so much to all of you for sharing!


I feel like I'm on thin ice when I try to look into support services for Dad. I know I shouldn't be stand offish (is that a word?) but I am. Dad's always been so proud and never would want to accept any type of help or assistance but I feel we are at the stage in this we need it if we can get it. So I'm taking a big breath and walking cautiously, on thin ice.

Lillie Fuller

When I try to communicate with my sister, it's like walking on thin ice. I never know what to expect. I would rather avoid conversations with her than to feel that ice cold aura of hers. Reminds me of that old tune bye Vanilla Ice... Ice Ice Baby!


That feeling of walking on ice, is almost a daily senarial in my life. The thought of falling through the ice can bring me a lot of anxiety. How my hubby feels physically in any given day varies. Nothing is routine. We could be ready to go out the door and he suddenly is unable to go. Im learning I need a support system, I need to learn new tools or modify old ones. being able to \"flow\" with whatever &amp; developing \"flexibiltiy\". Schedules and routines as I knew them, Im learning can be and will be modified over and over. In the depths of feeling isloated, unable to get out of the house, I found \"online\" support an! It gives me the support Ive been needing, tools to use, a place to hear how others are dealing with situations &amp; share feelings. Wow.....maybe I wont be falling through the ice after all!


I feel like I am on thin ice until the disability issue is completed and I know where we stand.