"I'd Rather Go to the Dentist Than..."


"I'd Rather Go to the Dentist Than..."

bathroom-15612_640The visit to the dentist usually ranks right up there with activities we'd rather not do. The caregiving experience, though, can certainly change that ranking. A visit to the dentist may feel like breeze compared to some of the tasks and responsibilities you handle every day.

What's the task you take on daily or weekly or once in awhile that you simply dread? That you think, "I would rather go to the dentist than put myself (or my caree) through this."

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The experience that drove me to this website was taking my mother to daycare. She was fine at the start but after a few weeks and her imagination took hold, it was a nightmare to get her to go. She acted like I was abandoning her in the middle of the Projects or the Combat Zone. Her \"inner Exorcist\" came out. Everyone had a solution for how to make it work. She was refusing to get out of bed on daycare days. I just gave up. As for the dentist, I have to take 4 extra-strength tylenol to get myself there, and that's when no needles are involved. And I do like my dentist, too.


I second Pegi's answer. Also, all the paperwork that goes along with illness. It seems like that is a job all by itself. At least at the dentist you get to lay down and relax for a while. No demands other than spitting occasionally :)


HA - I like my dentist, so there are actually lots of things I'd rather go to the dentist than do. But I recently postponed my cleaning to take my mom to Urgent Care because her pain was so severe and I would DEFINITELY have enjoyed the cleaning more than that long and disappointing appointment.


LOL, this post topic is so awesome! I would say that--next to a root canal, which in the scheme of things it has been my experience is not always as uncomfortable--having to listen to my mom's back-to-back multiple voicemails, which give callers 5 minutes' time in my phone plan--describe each and every detail of every conversation or encounter that she experiences in that day. God love her, of course I'm grateful she's there to do so, but it can drive me out of my mind--or what little of my mind that sometimes I feel that I only have left on really stressful days! ;o

Donna Bates

The dentist still ranks #1 on my list. \r\n# 2 is getting up at 2:40am to a dressed mom and having to disappoint her again that it is not time to go to church yet. She looks so sad when she goes back to bed because she already made it and folded her night gown under her pillow.