If One is Good, Six are Better!


If One is Good, Six are Better!

This was my mom's famous line. She could never pass up a bargain, and she instilled in my sisters and me the importance of getting the most bang for your buck. When there's a bargain, you stock up.

If it was on sale and had potential to be used somewhere down the line, my mom bought it, and she bought it in multiples. We'd laugh at her when she'd excitedly tell us about the 70 percent off she got on the candles and dish towels, as she pulled stacks of them out of her shopping bags. And with that pretty smile she had and with the cutest giggle, she would always tell us, "If one is good, six are better!"  Sometimes adding, "You'll see."

And darn it if she wasn't right. Inevitably the day would come where we'd need a present for a teacher or were tasked with bringing snacks to a game. And unlike a lot of kids, we didn't have to make that last minute run to the mall or grocery store for it. Nope, we just went to mom. Whether it was one of the ten boxes of brownie mix she got at Costco, or the ornaments she got at last year's Christmas clearance sale, there was always something in the pantry or in the boxes of gifts she had stockpiled. She was always prepared, and she had so much fun doing it.

I love remembering her silly, and often quite insightful and true, Mom-isms. And the joy and spirit with which she always exclaimed it has always made this one my favorite. So today it's displayed in my house, as a happy reminder of my mom. And I hear her sweet voice every time I see the words hanging in my kitchen (which, thanks to her sage advice, is always stocked up).

"If One is Good, Six are Better!"  -- Patty State

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That's so nice that you have it framed now. My Mom always reminds me \"if the choice is 'either'/'or', the answer is 'both'!


Bet she's got at least six angels with her now, and she's keeping them all in stitches.

Jennifer Leigh State

Yes, she sooo was!!