If You Can Go, Then Go!


If You Can Go, Then Go!

Silver Falls Silver Falls

Well, as if traveling in the past two and a half weeks to Santa Cruz, Oregon and then camping in the mountains wasn't enough, I am packing the trailer and hitting the road to the ocean on Friday. Anyone want to join me?

My bestest friend KP will be joining me since she is also an ocean lover. We've known each other since college, 1981, and we didn't have enough time at lunch yesterday to share everything we needed to talk about. I guess I talked too much. :( I was only able to get one night at my favorite RV park right on the beachfront but KP said let's go! The plan is to also to go get apples from Gopher Glen, those wonderful, tasty, mountain apples. They only have Gravensteins right now but later on we'll have to go back and get some of the 50 other varieties that are our favorites. Most people don't know that there is more than one or two kinds of apples.

IMG_0414 Berry Cobbler Sharing in Weed, Calif.

Awesome Hubby is very supportive and doesn't mind seeing me go, LivingRoom Son was rolling his eyes this morning listening to Elly and me so he's supportive, and, well, I haven't been to my favorite place in over a year. I usually make vacation trips happen for AH that are what he loves most since I have been gone to the mountains every weekend for the past eight fall seasons running Camp. I retired this year, so no weekend getaways. I start back to work at my high school on Monday so why not go! KP goes back to her school two weeks after me so now is the time. Seize the Day or Night!


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I hope that you had a great time!!