If You Had Five Hours and $500, What Would You Do?


If You Had Five Hours and $500, What Would You Do?

Through the Rainbow, public domainThis morning during our Rise N Shine class, @jbones1961 and @g-j and I talked about the responsibilities of a caregiving life. We discussed how hard it can be to enjoy a true break.

So, I asked, what would you do if you had five hours and $500? How would you spend the time and the money? During this time, your caree and family receives the care they need--you have no worries about them.

I'd love to know your answer. Your caree has the care he or she needs. You have five hours and $500. What would you do?

Please share your answers in our comments section, below. A random winner will receive three of our Caregiving.com reusable bags and one of our Caregiving.com t-shirts, which sings your praises; the t-shirt reads "I'm a Family Caregiver; Our World Is Better Because of Me."

Have fun!

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I'm with Ray!\r\n\r\nAt this time, I would donate the $500 to Caregiving.com and the five hours to a caregiving time bank. I am fortunate in that I can usually take some time away. These days my idea of heaven is taking my eReader, MP3 player, and journal notebook either to the porch or -- when I really need to get away -- to the park. Or to the library if the weather is bad. Being alone with my thoughts and in a place of uninterrupted peace hits the spot for me right now.\r\n\r\nThere may come a time when I can't do that. If such a time comes to pass, that's when I'll dip into that time bank and welcome the funds if I need them. For now, I would want them to help meet a greater need.


Hi Ray--I took a nap this afternoon and read your comment when I woke up. I think it's awesome. :) Made me really appreciate my nap.


Each spring as the days grow warmer and birds increase their songs, I begin daydreaming about taking a little road trip. My only companions would be a stack of my favorite cd's, sunglasses, and a giant Diet Coke. If I had $500 tucked away in the glove box, I imagine I could manage a few stops along the way. I would explore little antique shops or thrift stores, looking for impractical treasures. I rarely splurge on myself since our budget's so tight, so would happily bring most of the money home to share with my family.