I'm Just Saying!


I'm Just Saying!

Not too long ago the air conditioning of our mobile home stopped cooling. We live in eastern North Carolina and it is hot and humid this time of year. It was more than a monumental inconvenience. My husband is home bound except for doctor visits and does not settle well with discomfort unless he knows there is an end to it. We were fortunate. A friend diagnosed the problem and showed me a short term fix so that we could have air conditioning until someone replaced a part. Voila! Air conditioning working. Problem solved. Yay!

My husband is incontinent. He has times when he uses the urinal in time to prevent the need for changing sheets, clothes and waterproof sheets. But, he also has times when I change the bed and him three or four times a day and maybe the couch one time. He is in that phase now. I wash and dry clothes and bedding one load after the other. Maybe I should say I usually dry the clothes and bedding.

Yesterday our dryer was spinning and blowing air. All in order except the air was cool. Not hot. Not lukewarm. Cool. So off I go to a friend's house with two loads of wet laundry to dry. Tonight I have laundry hanging from doors and shelves. Tomorrow I will go to a laundry mat and do all the laundry. Not the worst thing in the world under normal conditions. Again it is a monumental inconvenience and one that will have to wait for the first of the month when we will have the money to pay someone to repair the dryer.

As a funny aside...I did watch the you tube videos for fixing a dryer. That is all I need to say for it to be a funny aside.

None of our belongings are new and they have certainly given faithful service. I'm just saying.....ARGH-H-H!

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Ever the optimist means I romanticize the experience until I help someone who is at the laundromat or I hear stories about laundromats. I do know that I can get a good hour of relaxing out during the daytime. He has a phone and a button he can push if he has troubles. The clothes are drying faster than I thought on the indoor contraption.


You are a true warrior! I can't imagine running around in the humdity, heat and Drying clothes!!! We all know that this too shall pass (unfortunately with older appliances). I love your tenacity!!

RoaringMouse 2.0

Have you thought of using bed chucks or puppy piddle pads? Sometimes some programs will pay for them as one of the ones we had did. You may also want to try getting a few of the moisture barrier mattress protective covers and try that. Another thought is getting oversized diapers and opening them completely; lay them flat in a row. When he first had his injury and we had a baby in diapers...having timesavers like that helped me keep my sanity. Hang in there!


Oh Lark, I feel your frustration. You are in a phase of caregiving where a dryer is soooo vital, on a daily basis. Getting all that laundry done is hard enough when the washer/dryer works! I had to chuckle at your description of \"laundry hanging from doors and shelves\" (been there a few times).