I'm Sorry, Who Are You?


I'm Sorry, Who Are You?

"I think I'm going to sign up at the rec center to use the gym." Sorry, who are you? What have you done to my husband? You look like him, you sound like him, and yes, you're producing the same messes he does, but really who are you?

I have been trying for the last year or so to get Mike interested in going to a gym with me to no avail. I think this was mostly because he didn't want other people to see him. Being as big as he is makes him feel like a bit of a side show and having a mobility issue does not help the situation.

I'm not sure what made him change his mind, but he had it set that he wanted to get a monthly pass to the new rec center in town and go early in the mornings when no one is there. So yesterday we found ourselves at the center paying for two monthly passes. I figure I have nothing to lose and if he can do this I can go along.

He wants to try three days a week and had set Monday, Wednesday and Friday as those days. However, with this Friday being a holiday we decided to start today and go again Tuesday and Thursday. 5:00 am comes early, but we did it.... Together.


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Bravo Chris... you are a better woman than me. 5 am?????


This is sooo awesome, Chris!!\r\n\r\nPlease keep us posted. :)\r\n\r\nAnd, you can track your work-outs in our VRide group: http://www.m40.siteground.biz/~caregiv6/groups/vride/