Improve Your Communication with an Individualized Personality Profile


Improve Your Communication with an Individualized Personality Profile

The DISC personality profile system has been used for over 30 years to bring insight into your unique personality. A key component of this assessment is learning your communication style. How we communicate as caregivers, and how our caree communicates can play a big role in a successful relationship. The emotional, mental, and monetary cost of poor relationships can be staggering.


  • Not following your caree’s wishes

  • Unclear direction

  • Unnecessary medical care costing thousands of dollars

  • Not getting appropriate medical care leading to pain and suffering

ProfessionalPuzzle Pieces

  • Loss of promotion costing you thousands of dollars

  • Reduced work production

  • Failure to complete projects

  • Unclear expectations


  • Argumentative kids

  • Substance abuse

  • Spouse animosity

  • Divorce

This simple 24 question diagnostic tool will determine your personality profile based on four characteristics and combinations of these four traits.

  • D = Dominant, Driver

  • I = Influencing, Inspiring

  • S = Stable, Steady

  • C = Correct, Compliant

Your individualized personality report will contain 25 pages of information unique to your personality. This is a phenomenal tool to help you gain new insights into your communication style, motivations, and fears.

I am a DISC certified instructor, former caregiver to my wife and currently enrolled in the Certified Caregiving Consultant program. Because I believe in the power of this tool to improve our communication skills and make us better caregivers (and care receivers), I am offering the test and individualized coaching at discount rates. To take the assessment only use the code "Care10" for a 10% discount on the assessment. If you would like individual coaching along with the assessment, use the code "care35" for a 35% discount.  These codes are open to all caregivers and caree.

Follow this link to my Personality Profile website, purchase a profile, and begin your assessment now.

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