flower-419451_640Because you spend so much time in, you may be tempted to give in.

To give in to panic.

To give in to giving up.

To give in to believing you can't.

To give in to doubting you''ll be okay.

You're in during caregivng, which means you're in your head so much you can only hear the fear. When you're in, it's like you're in the dark.

As you can, get out so you can feel the sun, see the light. You'll get out when you share your worries with an understanding support system, when you realize you are doing enough, when you give yourself a fresh start each day.

The experience of caregiving will lure you in, trapping you by fear. Know that you can be out with us, fighting your fear with our belief in you.

We believe in you.

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Oh believe me there are days I want to quit and run away but I can't. My mom has become my and my husband lives. We worry about here. Yesterday she fell again and cracked her head, and it just may me get mad and upset because I was out of the room ten minutes. She was doing something dumb and shouldn't had been doing. She once again on the band wagon of not needing help, I once again said there is only two choice CNA here during the day or you go in a nursing home no other choices. She fell last night going to the potty in her bedroom at 2:00 AM took about an hour to hear her because she didn't ring her two bells she had. I get so frustrate with her, she was a nurse for over 50 years and she can be a real pain. I love her but it's tough. I worry about my husband he does so much and gives so much up for my family and really never complains. Hopefully he will go to the mountains next week for a few days, but I know he will only go for two days because he worries about me without lot of support from my family around here. But I do have neighbor on speed dial. Oh well enough of my life got to fix supper go to church for a short meeting and then come home and help mom get ready for bed. It's just one step after another. Have a good week.