In Celebration Of: The House to Ourselves


In Celebration Of: The House to Ourselves

living-room-498980_640We often talk about getting a break to get out of the house.

There's something to be said about getting a break so you can stay in the house all by yourself. You can eat what you want, lie where you want, watch what you want, roam around in whatever you want to wear. It's quiet unless you want it to be loud. It's heaven.

So, I wonder: When was the last time you had the house to yourself? What did you do? If you haven't had the house to yourself lately, tell us would you love to do if you could get the house to yourself.

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I had the opportunity when mom was in the hospital to have the apartment to myself. I found it a nice time to have an uninterrupted nights sleep and I could take a shower with the bathroom door open so I could hear the radio from my room.

Lillie Fuller

I recently experienced having the house to myself when my mom was hospitalized for a week and in rehab for two weeks. My 24 year old son lives with me but for a week during that time he went deer hunting and most other days was working most of the time. It was so very quiet here. I didn't wash dishes, I didn't do laundry, I just relaxed. I would go to see my mom early in the morning because I would take her food she liked for breakfast. I would leave about noon, stop on the way home and get food for myself. I'd watch my program that I record everyday (the young and the restless) and then I would take a nap or lay down and read. Early evening I would go back to see my mom then I'd come home, go to bed early and sleep all night! I never set my alarm! My brother had brought me a day bed to put in my moms room so I cleaned and organized the room so two beds would fit! The bed is very comfy so I spent a lot of time getting used to it!!!


I distinctly recall the first time I was alone in my mother's house. She had had an exceptionally bad day and my sister came and got her. I changed the radio station to a oldies station and turned it up so loud that I was sure the Homeowner's Association was going to arrest me. And then I just tried to sit in the space and feel it, the different energy. Not to do, but to feel. Then I went outside and took my first selfie of me with the car keys in my mouth, since my mother was non-stop harping about \"her car\" all the time. Too bad you can't add photos here. It was a statement, about 40 years too late.


How long would I have? I can't remember the last time I was home alone by myself. It would have to be years. Watch a tv show? Read a book? Take a nap? Do my nails? Take a bubble bath? Do some yoga? Complete a thought? It would have to be something restorative.


Oh Denise, You have hit my issue on the head today!! The last time we had the house to ourselves was last year for about 2 days before Christmas. Elly was in the hospital because of her leg wound. We ran around and dusted, cleaned, then washed the big heavy drapes that she wouldn't even let us take down! We had been gone camping for a few days before so in the midst of house cleaning we were unpacking and cleaning the trailer! It was good to get it all done and work late into the evenings without any comments_mysql from \"the Peanut Gallery\" or admonishments from \"the Queen Bee\"!! My dream is to be able to contact a local hotel when we are stressed and be able to spend a night or two for free so that we can enjoy respite in our own space! That would make a big difference for how we \"recharge\" our attitudes and energies for caregiving for The Stoic!\r\n\r\nWhat would I do after chores?? Watch the television shows I have missed, play music that I enjoy, eat dinner while watching a movie or walk around in my PJ's all day!