In February, We're Sending Love

love-letter-530346_640In February, let's write love letters.

For our monthly challenge in February, let's write a love letter (or letters) every day. You can write a love letter a day to your caree, a love letter to a different person each day or a love letter to yourself. Your love letters can be romantic, platonic, poems, gratitudes, one lines or multiple pages. You can send an email or text or card or letter. You can put a letter at the breakfast table for its recipient or give it to him or her in person. In our Love Letter Challenge, you decide.

When you write a love letter, tell us about it in our Love Letter Forum. You can disclose as much or as little about the love letter as you'd like. We'll share when we send to inspire all of us to keep writing.

So, join us in February as we share our love every day.

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