In Honor of Veteran's Day, Tell Us About Your Caree's Service (and Yours, Too)


In Honor of Veteran's Day, Tell Us About Your Caree's Service (and Yours, Too)

flag-216887_640As we honor our veterans on November 11, let's take a moment to share our carees' service. Tell us about when and where your caree served and any details you know of the time served. In addition, tell us about your service, too.

My dad served in the Army during the Korean War and worked as a cryptographer in the Marshall Islands, where nuclear tests took place. He loves to tell a story of surviving a typhoon and eating a piece of pumpkin pie just before the storm really hit. Unfortunately, the strong winds blew his piece of pie away--he watched the plate and pie roll away. (He loved the food in the Army.) As a veteran, he receives a free meal tomorrow at one of our local restaurants. So, my folks and I will enjoy dinner out tomorrow evening.

Please share your stories in our comments section, below.

(And, please check out the resources for both veterans and family caregivers of veterans.)

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My Grandpa was an Army Medic in WWll serving in the South Pacific this was always his special day because he was also discharged from the Army on Nov. 11th.


My husband served two years as a private in the Army, a veteran of the \"peacetime\" between Korea and Vietnam. He wrote beautiful letters home to his mother, which I hope to edit into a book. He drilled and marched. We're \"lucky\" in that ALS is considered service-connected; we couldn't manage or afford his home care otherwise. He's 100% disabled-- ventilator, feeding tube, bed or wheelchair-bound, can't speak or move--AND has adjusted to it all. Today of his nurses and I gave him our best version of Army salutes, in honor of who he was then, and is now.


My dad served during World War II. As a chemical engineer, he was stationed in Panama where he and his fellow recruits were tasked with testing gas masks. However, stories were told that using their chemical expertise also went to producing moonshine for the soldiers on base. How much of that is true I have no idea.