In Six Words, Describe Diagnosis Day


In Six Words, Describe Diagnosis Day

laboratory-313864_640Years ago, I thought of diagnosis day as one day. Now, I understand you can experience many days when your caree receives a diagnosis. Just this past week, my dad's doctor diagnosed him with the very beginnings of macular degeneration.

The days that you hear a diagnosis remain with you. You remember the doctor's office, the words, the feelings. Before the diagnosis, the world looked one way. After the diagnosis, the world changes without bothering to give you a new map.

For this six-word story, let's describe our diagnosis day(s). Share as many six-word stories as you'd like in our comments section, below.

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Slow progression, more time will tell.\r\nAfter five years, diagnosis is Parkinson\"ism\".\r\nWhat the heck does that mean?\r\nDay after day, year after year.\r\nTests after test, repeated and more.\r\nParkinson\"ism\" is the docs best guess.\r\n\"Its time \" doctor says, \"take this\".\r\n\"It could be Parkinsons, maybe MSA.\"\r\n\"We'll treat symptoms as they come.\"\r\n\"More time needed, come back in 6\".\r\n\"Its time, take this, come back in 4.\"\r\n\"If it doesnt help, that tells us more.\"\r\nOne thing we know for sure.\r\nWhatever they end up calling it,\r\nReality is: \"it\" has no cure.


No surprise doesn't make it easier.


Sad affirmation of suspected illness journey.


Our old life ended that day.

Lillie Fuller

Parkinsons, no driving! What the hell?\r\n\r\n Stroke, right side paralysis. WHY MOM?\r\n\r\nand my own personal diagnosis day hell, \r\n\r\nLichen sclerosus? Seriously? Forever? I'll learn!

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