In Six Words, How Could You Make the Day Easier?


In Six Words, How Could You Make the Day Easier?

leaves-241701_640I regularly ask myself:

How am I getting in my own way? How am I making my day (really, my life) harder than it has to be?

Last year, I decided I made my day harder by taking situations personally. Taking it all personally meant I was constantly getting angry or upset--what a waste of energy. I decided to be aware of situations that made me angry, step back and ask, Is this really about me? Is this really someone intentionally trying to hurt or upset me? My answer always is, "Of course not." The question and the answer keep me moving forward in my day rather than stuck in a slow simmer.

This year, I'm reminding myself that I live in an abundant world, which means we all have enough. When I remember this, I'm more generous and open-minded. When I forget his, I'm fearful and cheap.

Now, this is a work in progress--I have good days and bad days with this. I do know that my day becomes sunnier when I'm not mad and I'm not afraid.

What about you?

How could you make your day easier?

In six words, tell us what you could change in your day so that you have more energy for your day. Mine are:

Let go--it's not about me.

Be calm--I have enough.

I look forward to reading yours.

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Lisa M

coffee, nap, prioritize, chill, frozen pizza


Run a bath, enjoy your time.


Just sit back--bring it on!\r\nTake it easy...take it slow.