In Six Words, How Do You Define Caregiving?


In Six Words, How Do You Define Caregiving?

DictionaryOn a regular basis on, we look at words. We write about three different words each week in our Community Caregiving Journal. On Mondays, I post Weekly Comforts,  a reflection created from one word.

The big word which ties us is, of course, caregiving. But, it's an undefined term, not part of ("No results found for caregiving," I'm told when I search) and unrecognized when I complete my spellcheck.

So, let's define. And, for fun, let's create six-word definitions, like these:

Blood, sweat, tears shared by two.

Helping one end and another begin.

A disaster that ultimately gives back.

Share your definitions in our comments section below. I'll choose a random winner on Saturday to receive a copy of  My Caregiving Journal and Take Comfort, the MP3 so you can write your words and find comfort in mine.

I look forward to reading your definitions.

(Update: Congrats to Sally, who on the journal and the MP3s. Enjoy!)

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forgetting yourself/finding more to give

Jo Rozier

Part of the continuum of life


One heart navigates in two worlds.


Posted mine in the wrong place (lol)


A Meaningful experience that is hard

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