In Six Words, How Do You Define "Friend"?


In Six Words, How Do You Define "Friend"?

miami Before we set sail on our November cruise, we connected in Miami. Pictured in the back row: Teresa (Pegi's niece), Pegi, Chris, Kathy, Trish. Pictured in the front row: ejourneys and me

A benefit of managing our community is watching the friendships between our members bloom and grow. I see such kindness in your friendships--in our chatroom, on Facebook, on Twitter, through your comments. I find your relationships with each other to be both inspiring and comforting. I think a family caregiver knows how to be a good friend because, well, so many good friends simply disappeared.

I'd love to know your definition of a friend. And, let's define "friend" in six words. Mine is:

A calming, kind presence every day.

What's yours? Please share your definition, in six words, of a friend in our comments section below.

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