In Six Words, How Do You Define Hope?


In Six Words, How Do You Define Hope?

candles-276043_640Hope can feel so fleeing during caregiving. You have to let go of the hopes you had before caregiving and figure out how to hope anew.

And, that's hard.

In essence, we change our definition of hope.

For this six-word story, let's offer our meaning of hope. In our comments section, below, share a six-word story that defines your hope.

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Lillie Fuller

live each day to the fullest! \r\n\r\nappreciate the time we have left!


I will not feel any regret.\r\nThe pain of loss will subside.\r\nOnly the good memories will surface.\r\nPast hurts and disappointments will disappear.\r\nThey know how much I cared.


Not about future but about today.\r\n\r\nNot about expectations but about acceptance.