In Six Words, How Do You Survive a Caregiving Day?


In Six Words, How Do You Survive a Caregiving Day?

laundry-basket-282426_640You get up.

You face all that the day brings, which usually includes moments of bedlam. You navigate, manage, resolve, solve, throw Hail Mary's.

Each day, no matter how much you doubt you can, you make it through.

So, for this six-word story, tell us how you survive a caregiving day. How do you keep going? What keeps you from giving up? When you want to give up, how do you continue? Your story could sound like this:

One step at a time.

I look forward, leave past behind.

I look forward to reading your six-word stories about you survive your caregiving days.


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Leah B.

I know my life isn't mine.\r\nI have learned to live spontaneously.\r\nWrite it down, you'll be glad.\r\nFriends will think aliens abducted you.\r\nShut up and do your job.\r\nBe specific when passing on measurements.

John Parks-Coleman

Getting out of my own mind.\r\n\r\nPutting pain and worry into music.\r\n\r\nSharing our journey with my peers.\r\n\r\nRemembering that love fills empty spaces.


Do the very best you can


Love these from <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@wren</a>: \r\n\r\nCreativity – Humor – Love – Organization – Prayer – Productivity


Support from family\r\nQuiet time\r\nIndividual time spent with my kids/hubby/mom\r\nDecorating the new house\r\nMovies\r\nShopping heehee= getting out!

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