In Six Words, How Would You Describe a Caregiving Wait?


In Six Words, How Would You Describe a Caregiving Wait?

antique-558375_640So, today, we're waiting for tomorrow. And, tomorrow, we'll be waiting for good news.

We're waiting for my dad's surgery to start tomorrow and then waiting for it to end well.

As @jmkeslin said in a comment yesterday, " I always feel the waiting is the worst."

You wait with your caree in an office to see the doctor. You wait for test results. You wait for a treatment or procedure or surgery. You wait for it to get better. You wait for answers from the insurance company.

During caregiving, you wait.

In this six-word story, let's describe a caregiving wait. Share as many six-word stories as you would like about waiting in our comments section, below.

Reminder: members can take advantage of our WAIT Buddy program; a volunteer will send check-in text messages or meet you in our chatroom to keep you company during a tough wait.

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How would you describe a caregiving wait?\r\nWaiting to see if the Lord is going to take Mom home or not- Is that what kind of wait you are speaking of?\r\nThat's what I think it is. . . MIL is starting to let go. I think she is a little scared, but she knows we are all here for her. It's up to the Lord now. Waiting for whatever is NEXT. . . \r\nThank you. Pray for us.


Too much time to think.\r\n\r\nTime moves inch by inch.\r\n\r\nThe time to trust.


Back breaking, butt numbing ER chairs.


reverting back to childhood for this answer:\r\n\"Are we done yet? Hurry up!\"\r\n\r\n;P


Waiting brings on major dose of scanxiety

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