In Six Words, How Would You Describe Caregiver Burn-Out?


In Six Words, How Would You Describe Caregiver Burn-Out?

match-610407_640Tomorrow evening, I'm giving a presentation, "I'm Toast! Survival Tips for the Burnt-Out Caregiver" in Barrington, Ill., for the Barrington Area Agency on Aging.

I've got burn out on my mind.

So, I'd love to know: In six words, how would you describe what it feels like to be burnt out during your caregiving experience?

Here's mine:

I can't because I just can't.

What's yours? Share as many six-word stories about and descriptions of caregiver burn-out as you'd like in our comments section, below.

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daffy don

Today, there's no need for burnout\r\nJust remember we all have today\r\nYesterday, Tomorrow just let them go\r\nJust try it, not today Sweetie\r\nHow can I show my love\r\nWhy yes, today I'll be fine \r\nJust for today, I'll laugh again\r\nI'm just having too much fun\r\nI'm Daffy, i am enjoying this


No more. No more. No more.


dead tired yet still carry on


Six years - no end in sight\n


I really was tired but determined.\nSad that it's over so soon.\nI trained for a marathon, dammit!\nAnd I barely walked a mile.\nHe was never, ever a burden.\nHe never suffered and was ready.\nRelieved that it's over so soon.\nFeeling guilty for feeling so relieved.

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