In Six Words, How Would You Describe the Health Care System?


In Six Words, How Would You Describe the Health Care System?

hospital-292569_640I recently rehashed with my sister our visit to the emergency room last month. She did not attend the cookie decorating party so missed the aftermath.

For some reason, I mentioned that the hospital emergency room didn't look like I expected. I was doing my best to describe it to her and all I kept thinking was a storage closet. A big, messy storage closet full of abandoned equipment. I can't imagine the administration of this well-regarded hospital want their emergency room to look like a huge cluttered storage closet. And, yet it does.

And, really that sorta sums up what the health care system looks like, as least from my perspective.

I'd love to know your viewpoint. In six words, how would you describe the health care system? Share your six-word story or stories in our comments section, below.

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6 words: We don't share the same agenda.


Frustrating enough to make me scream!


A test of patience. Wait, wait and wait some more. Wait in the dictor's office. Wait on test results. Wait to get an appointment with a specialist. Wait on the bill. Wait on a corrected bill. Wait until it all begins again.