In Six Words, Tell Us About Your Dad


In Six Words, Tell Us About Your Dad

father-413480_640With Father’s Day on Sunday, let’s share stories of our dads.

In six words, tell us about your dad. Feel free to share as many six-word stories about your dad as you would like. And, if you feel up to it, you also can share a story about what it means to be a dad.

I look forward to learning about your dads, those with us and those who look down on us, in our comments section, below.

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Tall, strong, daddy loved rugged outdoors.\r\nReserved, not easy to show affection.\r\nExcellent marksman who taught me well.\r\nSoft and few words spoke volumes.\r\nPowerful hug with I love you.\r\nNext day eyes closed in death.

Lillie Fuller

A force to be reckoned with! \r\nJack of all trades, master mechanic!\r\nFamily first, the greatest provider ever! \r\nWork hard, play hard, poke fun!


Strong, hard working while loving others.