In Six Words, What Begins the Pity Party?


In Six Words, What Begins the Pity Party?

confetti-36165_640I try my best to think positive, to look for the silver lining, to count my blessings.

But there are some days when all I can do is throw myself a pity party. When I think my parents don't appreciate what I do for them, I blow up the balloons. When I don't think a sibling understands the challenges I face, I put on the party hat. When I can't get my footing in my life, I throw up confetti.

I'd love to know: For you, what begins the party party? Tell us what starts the party in six words, like:

I do all, no one thanks.

Life falls apart, others happily continue.

Please share your six-word story about what launches your pity party in our comments section, below. We'll party with you.

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