In Six Words, What Can You Accomplish in an Hour?


In Six Words, What Can You Accomplish in an Hour?

person-983889_640We hear the caregiving day described in its number of hours -- a popular book calls it in "The 36-Hour Day." One of our members (@parkscoleman, who cared for his wife) often speaks of the 25th hour during the day when you have a few moments to yourself.

Because the day is so long, you have to make the most of every hour. And, boy, do you.

For this six-word story, share all that you can accomplish in one hour. I look forward to reading your stories in our comments section, below.

(Thanks so much to @lillie, who suggested this six-word story.)

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Take a nap on the ottoman,


I tried to enter a picture of myself taking a nap on the ottoman when my sons c


Even the most mundane is also Cosmic. It's what makes life in this world meaningful, have we the eyes to see.


One of the CEO Leadership classes.\r\nTools to manage the day better.

Lillie Fuller

Yay, 40 minutes in the pool!

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