In Six Words, What Caused Your Last Cry?


In Six Words, What Caused Your Last Cry?

light-115392_640Oh, the tears. I've cried out of hopelessness, helplessness, frustration, sadness and gratitude. Caregiving can cause quite the avalanche of tears.

So, for this six-word story, let's share what caused our last cry, like:

Hurtful words broke my heart. (Sometimes it only takes five words.)

Lack of hope cause a meltdown.

What's yours?

In our comments section, below, tell us as many six-word stories as you would like about your last tears.

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Standing ovation for Dad's WWII service.\n

Allison O'Brien

Goodbye hug with friend moving away


Being told how wonderfully well I am taking care of my Mom with such calm dedication. But not one person has EVER asked me just how I am REALLY doing. They just hand out a compliment so that they do not need to get further involved. I cried after getting Mom from the wheel-chair into the car. I cried while hauling her out the car and back into the flat. I cried as I almost carried her to the sofa where she sits and I then went into my bedroom - shut the door and cried until my entire pillow was wet. And even doing that no longer brings relief. I am totally burnt out and no one knows or cares to know.\r\n\r\nColette


Lack of hope, wondering for how much longer I can do this solo care taking bit! I have cried buckets and loneliness has taken me to depths in my soul I never realized were there. :-(\r\n\r\nColette


Mad at myself, should know better.\r\nTrying things too much for Tom.\r\nFrustrated for being frustrated.

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