In Six Words, What Does Your Caregiving Placebo Cure?


In Six Words, What Does Your Caregiving Placebo Cure?

During yesterday's Today on Your Caregiving Journey podcast, I spoke about a conference I attended on Saturday. During the conference, a research updated attendees on clinical trials, including one clinical trial which showed a significant improvement among patients who received a placebo rather than a treatment.

I'm fascinated by the power of a placebo.

And, that makes me wonder: If we could take a caregiving placebo, what would we cure? Would we take a placebo to cure our loneliness? To give us hope? To bring us peace?

For this six-word story, let's share what our caregiving placebo cures. Your story could look like this:

  • Placebo gives me peace about future.

  • Placebo removes sleep-stealing money worries.

In our comments section, below, share your six-word story about what a caregiving placebo cures for you.

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Placebo restores my strength and confidence.\r\nPlacebo renews my hope with joy.\r\nPlacebo erases burden of unrealistic expectations.


Placebo is my creation, my way.\r\nPlacebo faith over fear any day.\r\nPlacebo effect is an inside job.\r\n<3


Placebo protects me from the takers.\r\nPlacebo energizes me during the crises.\r\nPlacebo brings faith that goodness prevails.