In Six Words, What Ends the Pity Party?


In Six Words, What Ends the Pity Party?

dark-clouds-332778_640Last week, we shared six-word stories that describe what begins the pity party. Your answers included:

Nobody understands how hard this is ~ Amy

This isn’t the retirement we dreamed. ~ Judi

Today, I'd love to know: What ends the pity party? How do you turn off the self-pity? In essence, how do you put away the tissue and get back to the day?

Share your six-word stories about how you end the pity party in our comments section, below.

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Listening to inspiring, uplifting music \r\nExperiencing one of my passions\r\nThe thought of a future education\r\nThe sobering truth\r\nReading something spiritual or motivational\r\nPraying/Meditating\r\nPurging my feelings and returning to my center\r\nTalking to a friend or chaplain


Alone Diet coke cig cell phone


I'm with you <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@pinkerdo</a>!! I will take a side of potato chips with my PB&J. Triangle sliced is a must. !!


Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin\r\n\r\nDespite the morbid lyrics, just makes me feel good!


Hi Hussy--I sent you a note after I saw your comment. Oh, gosh, I was having problems!! Holy Hannah! So, you can now log in and log in here:\r\n\r\nI had one problem that I resolved and then realized I had another. :) I finally figured out the solution, which was very simple but the problem was complex. If you have any problems, just let me know. Thanks so for your patience today.

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