In Six Words, What Keeps You Going?


In Six Words, What Keeps You Going?

We continue even when we can't find what we need, we can't hear what we want and we can't receive what we deserve.

We keep going because of a thought, belief or a value or, sometimes, a fear.

What keeps you going?

For this six-word story, let's share what nudges us forward, encourages us to take another step, pulls us into another moment. Write your six-word stories in our comments section, below. Please feel free to share as many six-word stories as you'd like.

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God, Life Group friends, DH , family. \r\nDH's sense of humor, laughing, flowers.\r\nConnections at, chats, & friends\r\nHelping others, attitude, acceptance, truth, open-minded.\r\n.


For hope things happen for reason. \r\nMaking connections with others while Caregiving.


Keeping Busy, for no time dwelling.\r\nExtreme Caregiving, Physical Therapy, Doctors Appointments.\r\nLiving by the clock and calendar.


God, love, chats, my mom's smile.\r\nUnderstanding friends to share with everyday.\r\nCoffee, hummingbirds, walking, laughing, caring, coffee.

Lillie Fuller

It's all about those chat rooms! \r\nCommunicating with others on same journey.