In Six Words, What Keeps You Warm?


In Six Words, What Keeps You Warm?

hot-chocolate-1068702_640We're battling the bitter cold in Chicago.

We also can feel like we're up against the bitter during a caregiving experience. We can feel like a caregiving experience can harden our heart. We experience so much difficulty trying to get a diagnosis or quality help or understanding from our family members and friends.

So, on this cold winter day, I'd love to know: What keeps you warm? Share a six-word story about what warms your heart in our comments section, below.

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Is it ok to say Kahlua? :)


Hugs and fun times with pals.\r\nalternatively...\r\nHeated blankets - they're the best thing.


Mom tucked in for the night.\r\nGlass of wine, warm fleece blanket.\r\nGood on-demand movie to watch.