In Six Words, What Makes You Happy?


In Six Words, What Makes You Happy?

loop-919837_640I try to keep our scales as balanced as possible. Because I just asked us to talk about unhappiness, I also want us to share about happiness.

For this six-word story, let's share what makes us happy.

You can share a story about a happy moment during caregiving, outside of caregiving, with a family member, with friends. Whenever happiness happened, tell us about it.

I look forward to your reading your stories!

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My husband says I am beautiful.\r\nI watch my husband sleeping peacefully.\r\nCrazy antics taking place in chat!\r\nPlaying practical jokes on my coworkers.\r\nThree affectionate love kitties brush against me\r\nTwo girly dogs wagging their tails


\"Jingle Bells\" on the hammered dulcimer.\r\nDriving with all four windows down.\r\nWatching the stars from my bed.\r\nFull washer agitating with baby clothes.\r\nDaily witnessing the world wake up.

Lillie Fuller

Sharing with Mom, pictures on Facebook! \r\nA phonecall received, just saying hello! \r\nMy Grandson graduating from Military School! \r\nHaving my youngest son visit me! \r\nA year with no Hospital Stays.


My sweet, loving dog, Miss Emma.


Calls and texts from my kids.\r\nGood on-demand movie to watch.\r\nMom seems content and not agitated.\r\nGetting myself caught up at work.\r\nGot my roots done this morning!