In Six Words, What Makes You Mad?

egg-100808_640A few of new members shared about the anger they feel in their profile pages.

Caregiving can give you a ton of reasons to be mad.

The problem is you often can feel guilty for getting angry. You may feel like a terrible person because you get mad at how many times you repeat the same answer to your caree. Or you may feel like an absolute heel that it makes you mad that you have to cut back on your social life when you know your caree has no social life.

And, yet, you have a right to be angry.

So, for our this six-word story, let's talk about what makes you mad. Please tell us about your anger without any guilt; you've entered a no-judgment zone. We understand what your day can be like.

Share your six-word story about what makes you mad in our comments section, below. I’ll select a random winner to receive Take Comfort, the audio book (two CDs, each 40 minutes in length).

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