In Six Words, What Pushes Your Buttons?


In Six Words, What Pushes Your Buttons?

fabric-93205_640Sometimes, I think the purpose of my family is simply to make sure I get a work-out. They just seem to know exactly how to push my buttons. They start just that conversation and or make just that comment that gives my buttons an exhausting work-out.

In this six-word story, let's share what pushes our buttons. Mine are:

My mom demands but doesn't thank.

My dad refuses options for better.

A friend complains while living large.

What are yours? Yours could be about your family, your co-workers, the health care system, your caree, a task or a responsibility. Please tell us a six-word story about what pushes your buttons in our comments section, below.

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Husband says I'm not supportive enough


Daddy Yells at me, debates everything!

John Parks-Coleman

I can only use six words?\r\nSix words might just be enough!\r\nMy six words, my buttons pushed?\r\n\"It seemed like a good idea\"\r\nSix words that a doctor said!\r\nPlease, consult your pharmacy guide doctor!\r\nYou mixed scripts and caused seizure!\r\nResponsibility and Accountability are not negotiable.


I can handle anything and everything!\r\nYour needs are too difficult!\r\nYour expectations are way too high!\r\nThere is not any money left!

Lillie Fuller

Siblings assume I have it together!

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