In Six Words, What Reminds You That You're Dropping Balls?


In Six Words, What Reminds You That You're Dropping Balls?

fern-195876_640 I hope my dead plant comes back to this state of thriving.

As I write this, I'm looking a dead plant.

She died a few weeks ago and I've yet to revive her. I'm not sure when she died--I only that I noticed her expiration about a week ago. I haven't killed a plant this dead in quite some time. Her cause of death was too much to do and too little time to get it done.

The dead plant reminds that I'm dropping balls. I didn't just kill a plant, I forgot about a scheduled podcast last week with @brucemc and I showed up for a work gig four hours early (yes, I really did that).

And, that plant, which I hope to revive soon, taunts me with those memories.

For me, it's the plant. What's it for you? What reminds that you've fallen behind, dropped balls, missed the boat? Tell us about that reminder for this six-word story.

Here's mine:

Dead plant screams, "Get it together!"

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Buying prepared foods from the deli


In Six Words, What Reminds You That You’re Dropping Balls?\r\n\r\nWhen I don't eat, melt downs happen.

Allison O'Brien

Showing up late for every appointment.\r\nChristopher falls because he feels rushed.\r\nTarl doing homework in the morning!\r\nStruggling to find time for sleep!