In Six Words: What Solution Do You Need Right Now?


In Six Words: What Solution Do You Need Right Now?

road-sign-464646_640The problems do seem to pile up. It can feel like you walk around the problems throughout the day--the overflowing laundry basket, the stack of unpaid bills, that one device you know will help but you just can't figure out how to use it.

Oh, and there's that Thanksgiving meal you either have to get to or you have to make.

Perhaps we can help.

So, in our comments section, below, share a solution you need right now in six words. Include as many six-word stories about what you need as you'd like. We may be able to point you to a solution. At the very least, we can empathize.

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Hi @kittybell--You can check any medical equipment supplier as well as Walgreens and I would suggest contacting your husband's doctor to ask if he can write an order for a \"patient lift\" so that Medicare covers it. A patient lift isn't a chair but a device which assists a patient in and out of a chair or bed. You'll find some information about Medicare coverage here: \r\n\r\nDoes this help? Let us know. :)


$150 to have a hold removed from my account at school, although the total amount of $300 for fees would work.\r\nNon-judgmental person or persons equipped with cleaning supplies to help me clean my disgusting apartment.\r\nBasic staples for my pantry and healthy foods to assist me to lost weight I rapidly gained.\r\nBack-up support so when my mother refuses to do anything, I have support and assistance.\r\nA way to co-exist with my mother while she lacks cooperation and willingness to improve her mental health.