In Six Words, What Would You Like to Say But Don't?


In Six Words, What Would You Like to Say But Don't?

steam-484572_640Oh, I am biting my tongue today!

Well, actually, I'm holding my fingers back from typing what I would love to type to someone.

That can feel like our day, can't it? We hold back because we just want to keep smooth waters or finish a situation with grace.

Today, let's throw decorum and political correctness out of the window. Let's say what we would really love to tell someone else. And, let's do it in six words.

In our comments section, below, write a six-word story about what you would love to say but don't. Please write as many six-word stories as you would like.

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Why do my needs not count?


Just one day with privacy please. I want to walk around naked.


I haven't been on this site for a couple of months. I miss everyone! Thought I would dust things off and start here. :-)\r\n\r\n6 months later, I still grieve.\r\nIt gets easier, but not better.\r\nI still miss talking to him.\r\nI miss being annoyed at him.\r\nForgive and Forget is not easy. \r\nForgive but don't Forget seems better.


You are clueless about our days.\r\nWalk 24 hours in our shoes.\r\nExpierience a glimpse for yourself.\r\nToo busy, cant find the time?!\r\nOffering suggestions and things to try?!\r\nYou are clueless about \"you care\"!


Ask me how I am doing!\r\n\r\nOffer me time off from this!

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