In Six Words, What's a Caregiving Boundary?


In Six Words, What's a Caregiving Boundary?

stock-rose-868174_640We need boundaries because that's how we protect ourselves in our relationships, in our days and in our experiences.

Caregiving is no exception.

We need boundaries so we stay as well as possible to manage as long as possible. We need boundaries to protect our breaks, our sleep, our physical health, our emotional well-being.

I'd love to know yours.

So, for this six-word story, write about your caregiving boundaries. Share your six-word story about a caregiving boundary in our comments section, below.

I look forward to reading yours!

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Brenda Davie

It's OK to self-care while caregiving!


Undistrubed sleep on our rollaway bed.\r\nReplenish my spirit at Sunday church.


When my bedroom door is closed\r\nI need to be left alone\r\nPlease respect my gentle hint, and\r\nWe will all be better off!


Swimming is a top priority.\r\nSalads from cafeteria during carees' hospitalizations.

Lillie Fuller

I continue to go! Water Aerobics!\r\nI get my down time. Read! \r\nCall please before you visit!

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