In Six Words, What's a Caregiving Doubt?


In Six Words, What's a Caregiving Doubt?

cliffs-627879_640I think we all have moments when we just doubt. We doubt we know what to do. We doubt we have the energy we need to do what's necessary. We doubt we'll be okay when what we dread finally happens.

I think the doubts we experience during caregiving can be the toughest uncertainties we'll face in our lives. And, that's not taking into consideration how much we may doubt some family members and certain health care professionals.

And, of course, we doubt anyone has similar misgivings.

So, in this six-word story, let's write about our doubts. In our comments section, write as many six-word stories as you would like about doubt.

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Am I doing the right thing?\r\n\r\nWhat if there's cancer? Then what?


Can we continue to stay home?

gena Haynes

Can I really do this alone?


Am I really the right person?\r\nDo I have enough love left?\r\nWho am I, today for her?


Am I going to lose it?\nHow long can I keep going?\nWhere will the money come from?\nAm I living in the moment?\nAm I relishing what I have?\n

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