In Six Words, What's a Caregiving Hope?


In Six Words, What's a Caregiving Hope?

We try so hard to remain hopeful during caregiving. Often, we feel like we're chasing it. Many times we feel like we're losing it.

Let's give hope to each other in this six-word story exercise. Let's share how we can keep hope during caregiving.

In our comments section, below, write as many six-word stories about hope as you can. Thank you so much for spreading hope with us.

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That God Has my Bankruptcy Plan.

Lillie Fuller

No hope for my aching heart. (sounds like a country song)


Wow! I am sorry about your husband. I think taking care of ourselves looks different for each of us. You are in one circumstance and I am in another. I read the information on this site and I am a big advocate of using trusted friends, mentors...people you trust. I also think, \"Take care of yourself!\" is a throwaway comment. Something to say without having to offer to help. You know a person in your life is sincere when you look around and they are doing something you needed and did not even know you needed it or they listen for an hour while you dump everything. The other throwaway phrase is, \"How are you?\" Count how many times someone asks you and then count how many of them stay to listen. My doctor told me to trust my body. He said it would let me know when I had done too much and needed a break. If you wonder what taking care of yourself looks like then you are definitely on the right website. This is one of the favorite topics and there are many ideas and suggestions. God bless you and your husband. Please keep us updated on how he is and how you are holding up.


Knowing you are doing what's best.\r\nKnowing others are there for support.


I hope I can continue.

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