In Six Words, What's a Story About Relief?


In Six Words, What's a Story About Relief?

beach-394503_640We talk a lot about the stresses we encounter during our day.

We also have moments of relief. Perhaps it's relief you made it through another day. Maybe it's relief that a worry didn't materialize. Perhaps it's relief when you achieve an outcome you've been working so hard to achieve.

So, for this six-word story, let's talk about relief. What's your story of relief? When do you feel relieved? What was the last time you let out a sigh of relief?

Share your stories in our comments section, below.

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Husband is no longer losing weight.\nDad took care of yard work.\nStarted back to gym for release.

Lillie Fuller

No INR check for one MONTH!


Being Goldie Lamé - named by Fritz (!)\nAt least parents are in assisted living. (okay... 7 words, 2 parents so I get an extra)\nMy sister is coming this week.


Dad's in bed, I can relax.


Left my cell phone at home. :)

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