In Six Words, What's an Amazing Moment?


In Six Words, What's an Amazing Moment?

We’re honoring your amazing difference at our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference November 7 through 10 in Chicago. We're also broadcasting our NCC19 General Sessions for those who can't join us on November 8 and 9.

As we get ready to gather, let's share the amazing moments we're experienced during caregiving. An amazing moment could be a deep connection you shared with another. It could be a moment when your advocacy caused a shift to better care for your caree. An amazing moment could be that pivotal minute when you received a perspective that changed your view of your life.

In our comments section, below, please share six-word stories about your amazing moments. Feel free to share as many amazing six-word stories as you'd like.

As always, thank you so much for sharing!

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...when a doctor from you?


waking up to a bright sunshiny morning!


Mom and I enjoy each other.\r\nMom releases judgement; we accept another.\r\nI find my kindness during caregiving.


When my brother stays a week!