In Six Words, What's Caregiving?


In Six Words, What's Caregiving?

I'm still shocked when I type "caregiving" and the red line appears under the word. "Caregiving" isn't a word recognized by our dictionaries.

Kinda ironic, actually.

We're not really recognized within the health care system. We're not part of the dictionary.

Let's change that.

For this six-word story, let's share what caregiving is. What does a caregiving experience mean for you? How would you define the caregiving experience? What's the six-word definition you would include in a dictionary?

Share your definitions in our comments section, below.

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Caregiving is a change of course.


Not having time to answer question.


Loving them while accepting the change

Lynette Whiteman

Caregiving - a journey of unexpected twists and turns\r\nCaregiving - every emotion experienced every day\r\nCaregiving - a job with no job description


Caregiving is the deepest love ever.\r\nCaregiving is deep loss and exhaustion.\r\nCaregiving is hope, frustration, tears, laugher.\r\nA journey never anticipated or imagined.