In Six Words, What's It Like to be on High Alert?


In Six Words, What's It Like to be on High Alert?

During our Tuesday chat on Twitter, @mseitzer shared that she often feels like she's on high alert.

It's like watching and watching and watching for the other shoe to drop. We know it's going to happen, we just don't know when. During caregiving, we live in the high alert zone.

For this six-word story, let's share what it's like to be on high alert. You can share a story about the worst high alert or the impact of the continuous high alert. You can share as many stories about being on high-alert as you'd like.

Share your six-word stories in our comments section, below.

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Drooling, Coughing, Mucus, Spills, Bibs, Napkins.


Great Podcast this morning on this topic! \r\n\r\nMy high alert 6 words are:\r\n\r\nDon't plan too much on calendar!


I'll sleep after she dies - maybe


sleepless anxiety driven by paralyzing fear

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