In Six Words, What's Scary About Caregiving?


In Six Words, What's Scary About Caregiving?

autumn-218804_640During Halloween, it's scary out there.

During caregiving, it's scary in here.

Sometimes, our frights involve our thoughts. Sometimes, we get scared of what we have to face. Sometimes, we feel horrified by family members and their goofy behavior.

What's scary about caregiving for you?

Tell us a six-word story about a caregiving spook in our comments section, below.

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How much rests on our shoulders


I don't know what I am doing. :-) As in, am I doing the right things, at the right time, in the right order? Did I say the right thing to comfort him, or did it just cause him to worry more? Am I asking him, and his doctor, nurse, facility staff, the right questions? Should I share my worries & concerns with him, or continue to appear brave and confident? Do I argue, and work to help him understand, or should I continue to just divert, deflect and distract?\n\nThis is hard. And scary.


The beginning of the end. When?