In Six Words, What's Self-Care for You?


In Six Words, What's Self-Care for You?

Self-care during caregiving is different.

Sometimes, our self-care routine is about giving ourselves peace of mind. For instance, when my dad was undergoing extensive surgery to remove cancer, I remember crying in the waiting room that I had a work appointment the next day. My sister and niece shared that my dad would be okay with their help. I struggled to explain that it wasn't about doubting them; it was about having to keep a priority that was not my priority. I wanted to be there with a presence of support -- my self-care -- and could not. Sometimes, my self-care is about what I need to wake up tomorrow without any regrets about today.

When my parents became critically ill at the same time, I watched reruns of the televisions show, Law & Order, in the evening. I needed an ending and that show delivered me an ending every 60 minutes. Recently, a colleague also pointed out that I also probably need law and order during a chaotic and uncontrollable time.

I also know that swimming laps and doing what I can to stay healthy is an important part of my self-care. I do what I can to soothe my heart and my soul.

What does self-care mean for you? For this six-word story, let's define our own self-care. It's not about what others tell us it means. It's about how we define it for this time in our life. Please feel free to share as many six-word stories about self-care in our comments section, below.

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Follow the light. Shadows fall behind.

Leslie Lemieux

Connect to life's many options today.

Energy - the language of the heart...

Elizabeth Miller

Anything that helps me feel energized.\nReading and writing, but not arithmetic :-)\nConnecting with those who get it.

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