In Six Words, What's the Daily Caregiving Grind?


In Six Words, What's the Daily Caregiving Grind?

mortar-and-pestle-436885_640On Sunday, we met on Twitter to discuss the daily caregiving grind.

As we shared during our chat, I thought, "We could write some great six-word stories about the caregiving grind."

So, let's start writing.

In our comments section, below, share a six-word story about your caregiving grind--how it feels, when it happens, when it feels the worst, when it intensifies, how you cope. Please feel free to share as many six-word stories about the caregiving grind as you would like.

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Lillie Fuller

Breakfast 8:15, Lunch 1:30, Dinner 7:00


Stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel\nMust rinse and repeat ad nauseum\nCome home from work to work


Do you ever have déjà vu?\nDo you know what today is? \nMorning. Off to see the groundhog?\n\n(Quotes from Groundhog Day) :)


Grit teeth, gather up patience.\nBite tongue, pray for more patience.\nDisappointed, forgive; disappointed, forgive; disappointed, forgive.


Another day I have with Mom.\nRepeating myself until I am hoarse.\nRepetitive questions and trying to escape.

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